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Wed, Feb 2, 2011

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V.F. Ramachandran

Presented by Harvard Book Store

Due to inclement weather the Harvard Bookstore V.F. Ramachandran reading scheduled for 6:00 tonight has been canceled. Please visit or contact Harvard Book Store for information.

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Harvard Book Store is very pleased to welcome professor of psychology and neuroscience V.S. RAMACHANDRAN as he discusses his new book, The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Quest for What Makes Us Human.

V. S. Ramachandran is at the forefront of his field—so much so that Richard Dawkins dubbed him the “Marco Polo of neuroscience.” Now, Ramachandran sets his sights on the mystery of human uniqueness. Taking us to the frontiers of neurology, he reveals what baffling and extreme case studies can teach us about normal brain function and how it evolved. Synesthesia becomes a window into the brain mechanisms that make some of us more creative than others. And autism—for which Ramachandran opens a new direction for treatment—gives us a glimpse of the aspect of being human that we understand least: self-awareness. Ramachandran tackles the most exciting and controversial topics in neurology with a storyteller’s eye for compelling case studies and a researcher’s flair for new approaches to age-old questions.

“Ramachandran produces an exhilarating and at times funny text that invites discussion and experimentation.” —Kirkus Reviews

  • Area Premiere! Exclusively on 35mm! TOO LATE • May 6–9
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