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Matteo Garrone's TALE OF TALES • Exclusive Area Premiere June 3–7

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Thu, Mar 10, 2011

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Rock Band Night

Presented by Harmonix, ImprovBoston, The Brattle, and Narragansett Beer

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A combo ticket for the event and HEAVY METAL together is $14 General Public / $12 Students & Brattle Members. Admission to ROCK BAND NIGHT -only- is $6.

Rock Band / Heavy MetalJoin us for a night of rock and roll fun with the makers of the fantastic ROCK BAND video game. Form your own band or fly solo and enter for a chance to compete live on stage in front of a panel of judges from (see details below). This event is a prequel of sorts to the absurdly popular PAX East Convention which begins on March 11. Come early and witness the bizarre, libidious animated sci-fi spectacular HEAVY METAL on the big screen!

Here’s how it works:
Band sign-up is on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t be late! Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of concessions and drinks to keep you happy until showtime. If you don’t have a full band with you, we can hook you up with other solo players. When your band’s time comes, we’ll ask you to get “on deck” and we’ll queue up a song of your choosing. We’ll also have costumes at the ready, should you choose to use them, but by no means does that mean you can’t bring your own!

Apart from that, all you need to concern yourself with is delivering the most memorable, ridiculous performance of the night, and survive the judgery of the GiantBomb panel. Have fun!
  • Matteo Garrone's TALE OF TALES • Exclusive Area Premiere June 3–7
Prime Noir of the 1950s: THE ASPHALT JUNGLE • Wednesday 6/15

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