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Fri, May 6, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive


Boston LGBT Film Festival Cambridge Opening Night!

World Premiere Screening!

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LGBT Film Fest

Join us for the opening of the Cambridge side of the festival and the World Premiere of J.C. Calciano’s new film eCupid. Mr. Calciano’s first film Is it Just Me? was a huge hit at the 2010 film festival and we are honored to be the world premiere of his wonderful new romantic comedy.


eCupidJ.C. Calciano, 100min, USA, 2011, English
Marshall is a cocky young ad executive who takes everything for granted. He is in a dead-end job, turning 30, and his seven-year relationship is stuck in rut. A birthday wish brings a mysterious phone APP into his life that is guaranteed to help him find love. Marshall soon gets is much more than what he had originally planned.

Preceded by:

I Saw U

I Saw UDir. Lane Stroud and Maile Martinez. 9 min. 2010 US
In 2008 Co-Director Maile Martinez wrote an I Saw U ad for ‘The Stranger’, Seattle’s alternative newspaper, about a barista she thought was cute. Two years later she has come back to explore the world of sex, lies, and classifieds. Features music from The Presidents of the United States of America and an interview with Dan Savage, writer of the nationally syndicated sex-advice column Savage Love.

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