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Sat, May 7, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive

This is Who We Are: Documenting LGBT Life

Boston LGBT Film Festival

Shorts Program!

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This program of shorts takes us around the US and even to China in an effort to tell the stories of LGBT people living their daily lives. From the constant struggle to participate in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, to the celebration of being queer in Shanghai, and on to the wilds of Alaska – we are everywhere, living lives that can sometimes be a struggle, and sometimes a celebration!

The Other Parade

The Other ParadeDir. Dan Messina. 30 min. 2011. US
Boston isn’t alone when it comes to complications around the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Every year on March 17th, the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is held on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  It is the oldest and largest celebration of Irish heritage and culture in the United States.  It is also the most controversial.  Despite almost two decades of protest and resistance, lesbian and gay groups are not permitted to march openly in the parade. Brendan Fay, an Irish immigrant and gay rights activist, spent years fighting his exclusion from the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade. After years of protests and arrests, he founded the St. Pat’s For All Parade, a grassroots celebration of ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity set in Sunnyside, Queens. In The Other Parade, we follow Brendan during the week leading up to the eighth annual parade, experiencing with him both the joys and frustrations of organizing a parade that garners national press, yet operates on a shoestring budget.  (Description courtesy of the filmmaker.)


OUTspokenDir. Kelly Gitter. 19 min. 2011. US
OUTspoken follows the stories of four gay people living in Fairbanks, Alaska. Of the four, there is a gay man in his 20s and one in his late 50s, as well as a young lesbian in her 20s and an older lesbian in her late 40s. Each shares the story of what it was like to come out to their families in a small town. They discuss the discrimination they faced growing up, as well as present day tribulations. This short film provides an insight into the struggle to find a potential date when everyone in town knows everyone else. Intermixed with shots of life around the city of Fairbanks, OUTspoken is an enlightening comparison of small town gay culture, past and present.

Proud  Shanghai

LGBT Film Festival logoDir. Larry Tung. 13 min. US/China
Shanghai Pride is arguably the first public event to celebrate the LGBT communities in China. Inaugurated in 2009, this event takes place as a series of festivities that include dance parties, sports competitions, art exhibitions, panel discussions and film screenings. Organized primarily by expatriates in Shanghai, Shanghai Pride challenges the Chinese government and society to face the reality that LGBT communities do exist in China and have a vibrant scene.

Finding Judy

Finding JudyDir. Gary Riotto. 8 min. 2011. US
What happens when an African-American teen from Chicago looks inside himself and discovers he can sing and act just like the legendary Judy Garland? A sweet, engaging look at how one young man’s quirky talent helped him disarm high school bullies, flummox telemarketers and propel himself from YouTube obscurity all the way to tinsel town.

The Collector

The CollectorDir. Ryan Kipp. 6 min. 2009. US
Meet Beauregard Houston Montgomery, an aging Warhol-era bohemian, world-class authority on everything dollhouses, and overall New York City phenom.

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