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Sun, May 8, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive

International Short Films

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Once again, the Boston LGBT Film Festival brings you the best of short films from around the world with our International Short Films program. This year’s program takes us from Nigeria to New Zealand and back again.

Noche sin Luna (Moonless Night)

Noche sin LunaDir. Bethynia Cardenas Iñiguez. 13 min. 2010 Mexico
Set in the 1970s, Noche sin luna (Moonless Night) is the story of Oscar Rodríguez, an introverted, handsome gay professional wrongfully accused of killing his friend Julio. Guilty until proven innocent, Oscar is taken to the police precinct and is pressured by Inspector Sánchez to confess to Julio’s murder – or else. Oscar is painfully caught between preconceptions of guilt and the Inspector’s need to resolve the case, whatever the outcome.

Braids on a Bald Head

Braids on a Bald HeadDir. Ishaya Bako. 25 min. 2010 Nigeria/United Kingdom.
Hauwa Bello is a quiet, petite hairdresser in semi-rural Northern Nigeria, caught in a loveless marriage with a jobless and abrasive husband. One day, Hauwa discovers a beautiful and charming new neighbor, Samira, and this chance encounter sparks an unfamiliar interest in Hauwa. Following her curiosity, Hauwa offers to braid Samira’s hair, leading to a kiss which will bring her fear and confusion.

Deep Red

Deep RedDir. Eddie Tapero. 19 min. 2009. Israel
Gur and Yuval will stop at nothing to make enough money for a fresh start in Berlin, but tensions grow as they approach their goal, leading to an unexpected event which causes Gur to question their plan.

The Colonel’s Outing

The Colonel's OutingDir. Christopher Banks. 17 min. 2011  New Zealand
Eighty-something Tristan Arthur Jones used to write about fictional war heroes, and fell in love with every single one. He always hoped he’d meet one for real, and with the arrival of Colonel Robert Leadley at his rest home, it seems like his dreams have come true. The Colonel moves into Tristan’s room and they grow very close, much to the concern of the home’s Matron, who seems determined to interfere at every turn. There’s no option but to escape, so armed with a picnic lunch and a hip flask, Tristan and the Colonel depart for a fateful day on the town, where promises are made, painful secrets are revealed, and a family is reunited

The Lesson

The LessonDir. Paul Metz. 15 min. 2011 Japan
Angela Worthington, 45, has taught English to businessmen in Tokyo for longer than she cares to remember. Although she dislikes her job, it once gave her the means to meet a man who turned her world around, someone she thought might make a difference in her life. But her hesitation ultimately caused him to leave her. Now, years later, Angela continues searching in vain for someone to take his place. One day, one of her students, Mr. Sato, brings her an awkwardly written love letter. At first she delightedly thinks it’s for her, but when she learns otherwise, she resolves to teach her student the words she never learned to say herself – words she now knows can change someone’s life.

  • Prime Noir of the 1950s: IN A LONELY PLACE • Friday, June 10
Reunion Weekend! 75th Anniversary! BALL OF FIRE • Monday 5/30

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