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Sun, May 8, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive

Transgender Shorts Program

Co-presented by MTPC: The Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition

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Being a Trans-Person Living in a Two-Gender Society

Being a Trans Person in a Two Gender SocietyDir. Petar Veljacic. 14 min. 2010 Belgium
Each society has certain rules about how boys and girls should behave. We expect boys to act like boys and girls to act like girls. However, not everyone fits into this gender trap.

Loop Planes

Loop PlanesDir. Robin Wilby. 11 min. 2010 US
13-year-old Nick lives with his dad at an amusement park, and with the arrival of his mother and a pink-haired girl named Katie, Nick is in for the ride of his life.

What’s in a Name?

What's in a NameDir. Caitlin Lundlin. 10 min. 2009 US
Four transgender Austin, Texas residents share intimate stories about their gender transitions. Shane Whalley, a professor and employee of the University of Texas, discusses their genderqueer identity, the transition into a new, unexplored gender identity, and the choice of a gender non-specific name. Phoenix, a data consultant, discusses his journey from womanhood to manhood, the struggles he has faced as both transgender and African-American, and the relevance of the mythical origins of his chosen name. Tatiana Young, a UT graduate student in Women’s & Gender Studies, talks about her transition from boyhood to womanhood, her indigenous Hawaiian heritage, and the strength of choosing a powerful name. Karen Collett, a software developer, discusses her more recent transition into womanhood, the significance of her chosen name, and the humor and joy one can find in overcoming the struggles of gender transition.

Death of my Daughter

Death of My DaughterDir. Leon Mostovoy. 9 min. 2011. US
Death of My Daughter
was born when my mother, upon learning of my transition, announced to my family that I was dead to her. The Death Of My Daughter is a documentary about female to male transgender people, and was conceived while shooting a photographic series which appears throughout the video. The video documents interviews with each of the trans-male subjects as they are being styled for the photo shoot. I conducted these interviews to enable the viewer to have a more personal connection with the men in the photographs and a better understanding of their communities, sexualities, histories, and journeys.


GenderbustersDir. Sam Berliner. 6 min. 2010 US
In their fight for the Gender Evolution Revolution, the Genderbusters drive around resolving the gender-binary dilemmas of folks all over San Francisco. From a genderqueer bathroom predicament, to wedding-appropriate gendered attire, to check boxes on forms, the Genderbusters are here to help! This film will provide a positive voice for the trans, genderqueer, androgynous & gender-fluid folks not yet represented on screen, documenting our history, serving as a call to action to be recognized and respected by society at large, and forcing our culture to evolve.

Remember me in Red

Remember Me in RedDir. Hector Ceballos. 16 min. 2010 US
Emotions run high as Fidelia arranges her best friend Alma’s funeral – only to have Alma’s parents arrive from Mexico and insist that their son be buried as male. Alma’s friends pull together to honor both the parents’ wishes and those of Alma herself.


SenoritaDir. Vincent Sandoval. 14 min. 2010 Philippines
Laura, a transgender woman, is a reformed sex worker living a quiet life in the country, but she can’t seem to shake off the lure of the big city. A consummate actress, she manages to lead a double life, but as her lies begin to unravel will she be able to keep her two worlds separate?

James Dean

James DeanDir. Lucy Asten Elliott. 7 min. 2010 United Kingdom
James Dean follows the Faulkners as they desperately try to leave for their family holiday. Efforts to coordinate the trip are thwarted by their inability to get all the family members into the car at the same time. Mum and Dad are frustrated that their dawdling, 14 year old daughter Alex has picked this inopportune moment to tell them and elder sister Morvern that she thinks she may actually be a boy – or at least the reincarnation of James Dean. After a distracted and disinterested response, Alex realizes that the only way to tell them may be to show them.

  • Area Premiere! Exclusively on 35mm! TOO LATE • May 6–9
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