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Mon, May 9, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive

Bisexual Revolution (Le bisexualité: Tout un art?)

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BisexualiteDir. Laure Michel and Eric Wastiaux. 60 min. 2010 France
Co-directed and written by Laure Michel and Eric Wastiaux, La bisexualité: Tout un art? unleashed a firestorm of debate in France. A mélange of archival footage, cinematic excerpts and star-studded interviews with international academics and artists, among them renowned bisexual psychologist Regina Reinhardt, Laval University luminary Michel Dorais, German couturier Wolfgang Joop and pop sensation Yelle, it deconstructs the hetero-homo polarization of sexuality. Always entertaining and frequently illuminating, it examines the differences in attitudes towards bisexual men and women. Edited to insouciant or ironic effect, viewers of all sexual proclivities will enjoy the interview with militant director John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Shortbus), as well as cinematic references to Brokeback Mountain and La confusion des genres. A documentary about the B in LGBT, La bisexualité: Tout un art? presents fascinating and fast-paced biography of a sexual orientation which still meets with casual derision and outright misunderstanding from people who should know better. Flitting lightly over definitions, history and – ultimately – a bright future, it demands we become more fluid and open-minded than we imagine ourselves to be. (Description courtesy of Image&Nation: The Montreal International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.)

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Santiago del otro lado (Santiago From the Other Side)

Dir. Mauro Mueller. 11 min. Mexico/Switzerland
Sometimes life has a surprise, sometimes even two! Lucia is pregnant and wants to find the right moment to tell her longtime boyfriend Santiago. The party they attend seems the ideal moment and indeed the night is festive and fun until… her life plans change forever. You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you do, just at the wrong moment.

He She We

Dir. Branden Blinn. 10 min. US
When a handsome young man decides to leave his older female lover, his escape plan is foiled when her early return coincides with his new lover’s arrival. A classic set up for disaster and heartbreak? Or, perhaps… there is another possibility?

Bye Bi Love

Dir. Giovanna Chesler. 17 min. US
“How do you open an invitation to the wedding of your ex-girlfriend?” asks Bye Bi Love’s protagonist Vera as a fancy, calligraphed envelope lands with a thud in her mailbox. Her present girlfriend, Carla, deadpans: “With your teeth.”

So opens Bye Bi Love, a short fiction film that doubles as a study of objects and their attendant memory. As Vera conjures her previous relationships over one sleepless night – be they with her ex-husband, Craig, or with her ex-girlfriend, Felicia – that bygone time moves fluidly and impressionistically. Vera’s memories of ex-lovers are evoked by the objects they bring with them, as they both enter into, and depart from, her life and home.

  • Matteo Garrone's TALE OF TALES • Exclusive Area Premiere June 3–7
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