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Area Premiere! Exclusively on 35mm! TOO LATE • May 6–9

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Tue, May 10, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive

European Shorts Program

Screening Co-presented by Europeans in Boston

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Il Barbiere de Siviglia (The Barber de Seviglia)

Barber of SevilleDir. Valentina Sutti. 9 min. 2011 Italy
Sergio is a barber who works in an insignificant little suburban shop in Milan. A photo hanging in the corner pictures him with his wife, but he doesn’t smile. The shop itself is quite empty and customers are always the same middle-aged men of the neighbourhood.

Frustrated by his life, Sergio prefers hiding in dreams in which he is a successful hair stylist, in which he does highlights, fashionable haircuts, extensions – everyday is a challenge – and he tests himself with boldness and determination. In his dreams Sergio is self-confident and smart, always able to satisfy customers’ expectations – they go into the shop feeling ugly and go out feeling like a million bucks. But the sound of the door of the shop opening tears him out of his dreams: It’s just another neighborhood man in need of a trim


BirthdayDir. Jennifer Malmqvist. 18 min. 2010 Poland/Sweden
Sara is preparing a surprise for her wife Katrina’s birthday, but Katrina may have some surprises of her own.

James Dean

James DeanDir. Lucy Asten Elliott. 7 min. 2010 United Kingdom
James Dean follows the Faulkners as they desperately try to leave for their family holiday. Efforts to coordinate the trip are thwarted by their inability to get all the family members into the car at the same time. Mum and Dad are frustrated that their dawdling, 14 year old daughter Alex has picked this inopportune moment to tell them and elder sister Morvern that she thinks she may actually be a boy – or at least the reincarnation of James Dean. After a distracted and disinterested response, Alex realizes that the only way to tell them may be to show them.


Orange MilkDir. Florina Titz. 20 min. 2011 Romania
Damian and Alex are perfect friends, with jobs, cars, and a healthy diet. They are perfectly adjusted to the demands of modern society. Their friendship, however, is built around two obsessions: one for people-watching, and one for each other. After a long time spent apart, they meet at the beach house where they grew up. They spend their days reconnecting through intense voyeuristic habits. When one of the boys turns the camera towards the other, the pleasure of viewing becomes even more problematic.

Tiden Imellom (The Time In Between)

Tiden ImellomDir. Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken. 24 min. 2010 Norway
The Time In Between (Tiden imellom) is inspired by a true story; the secret relationship between the famous Norwegian poet Gunvor Hofmo and a talented young Jew, Ruth Maier, who died in Auschwitz on the 1st of December, 1942. The story takes place over a few days in October/November of 1942, when 768 Norwegian Jews were arrested and deported to concentration camps in Poland and Germany.


CappucinoDir. Tamer Rugglu. 15 min. 2010 Switzerland
Cappuccino tells the simple but touching story of Jeremiah, a young teenager who has his first homosexual experience and must overcome his inability to talk to his mother.

La fille du boulanger (The Baker’s Daughter)

Baker's DaughterDir. Elisabeth Feytit and Claudine Bourbigot. 8 min. 2008 France
The baker’s daughter has things to tell her father: things of love, of accepting oneself, of the radiating feeling of being free which comes in full force despite the weight of others’ looks – looks which could be threatening.

  • Area Premiere! Exclusively on 35mm! TOO LATE • May 6–9
John Williams Scores! THE KILELRS • Thursday 5/12 at 9:30

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