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Tue, May 10, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive

Silent Stories and Other Stories

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Silent Stories

Silent StoriesDir. Hanne Phlypo. 52 min. 2010. Belgium
In Silent Stories Hanne Phlypo and Catherine Vuylsteke follow two men and two women from Algeria, Senegal, Iraq and Guinea whose sexual orientation forced them to leave their countries – whether they were bisexual, homosexual, lesbian or transsexual. Three of them are rebuilding their lives in Belgium while the fourth, after long years of waiting, has finally found political asylum and the prospect of a gender operation.

As different as the four characters may be in terms of age, social, and educational background, they are bound by their emotional struggle, their grief for what they lost, and their hopes for what the future might bring.

The directors chose not to treat their characters in a serial way, preferring a kaleidoscopic approach which is both poetic and intimate. They don’t want to convince, inform or educate the audience, but rather move them profoundly, and thus transform the hard lives of these protagonists into those of the viewers, if only for an instant.

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Noche Sin Luna

Noche sin LunaDir Bethynia Cardenas Iñiguez. 13 min. 2010. Mexico
Set in the 1970s, Noche sin luna (Moonless Night) is the story of Oscar Rodríguez, an introverted, handsome gay professional wrongfully accused of killing his friend Julio. Guilty until proven innocent, Oscar is taken to the police precinct and is pressured by Inspector Sánchez to confess to Julio’s murder – or else. Oscar is painfully caught between preconceptions of guilt and the Inspector’s need to resolve the case, whatever the outcome.


RefugeDir. Arthur Musah. 6. 2010. US
TK, a West African soccer player, decides to make the most of a rare opportunity to start a new life illegally in the United States. He sneaks away during a game in Los Angeles and meets up with Kojo, an old friend from back home who has agreed to shelter him. All is well until TK learns that his old friend is attracted to him and may have an ulterior motive for agreeing to help. TK must deal with his discomfort as circumstances take a dire turn, forcing him to reconsider the price he is willing to pay to preserve his shelter.

To the Marriage of Two Minds

To the Marriage of Two MindsDir. Andrew Steggall. 12 min. 2010. United Kingdom
Hayder and Falah, two young Iraqi men, wish to seek asylum in London. Booking illegal passage aboard a cargo vessel, the two endure a storm-tossed journey in the dim confines of a shipping container. Uncertain how long their voyage will last, or if they will be turned away upon arrival, they count the days by the light coming through a star-like hole in the ceiling. Falah, a writer, comforts Hayder with lines from Shakespearean love sonnets, whispered in Arabic, as they await an unknown reception. Their arrival in England is heralded by the growling of security dogs at the walls of their container, and the two lovers become separated. We follow Hayder through the scrutiny of immigration to his frantic search for Falah in the Arabic communities of West London. Ultimately, as he finds himself bereft in an indifferent city, Hayder must trust that the poetry of their love will lead him, once again, to Falah.

  • Area Premiere! Exclusively on 35mm! TOO LATE • May 6–9
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