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Thursday, May 12, 2011

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FitDir. Rikki Beadle-Blair. 108 min. 2009. United Kingdom
“You’re so gay.” “That’s so gay.” What do these words mean? When a teenager spews them, it’s usually an insult. Writer/director Rikki Beadle-Blair attacks these words head-on in this powerful, moving and hugely entertaining narrative feature.

Exploding with infectious energy, colorful characters and positive messages about the importance of self-image, FIT focuses on the everyday lives of six diverse British teenagers who are brought together by an enthusiastic dance teacher, played by Beadle-Blair. The film’s engaging, easygoing structure allows us to spend time with each character as they struggle with questions about sexual identity, repressed feelings and how to fit into “normal” society. The story’s real-world drama and poignant core centers on this group of young people who ask each other questions like: “When did you first know you were gay?” Scenes of serious teen soul searching are juxtaposed against lively dance class moments that are both funny and exhilarating.

Beadle-Blair brilliantly fuses elements of contemporary music, fashion and dance to create an emotionally honest film that turns stereotypes upside down and humanizes a group of people who are too often labeled as outsiders by peers. Culled from anti-bullying workshops around the UK, FIT is a perfect mix of humor and drama that resonates and charms. —(Description courtesy of Brendan Peterson of Frameline: The San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.)

  • Exclusive Area Premiere! Michael Fassbender in SLOW WEST • May 29–June 4
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