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Fri, May 13, 2011

Boston LGBT Film Festival 2011Special Events Archive

Gays Behaving Badly!

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SlashedDir. Rebecca Thomson. 11 min. 2010 Australia
As Renata, medical receptionist and Star Police TV show enthusiast, writes an alternative ending to a dramatic showdown between tired space cop Draker and his nemesis Thrax, a real life showdown is happening between herself and Frieda, a dubious patient in the doctor’s surgery. But do Renata and Frieda have more in common than they realise? And have Draker and Thrax’s many years as adversaries brought them only closer together?

I Was a Teenage Werebear

I Was a Teenage WerebearDir. Tim Sullivan. 25 min. 2011 US
Part Beach Blanket Bingo, part Teen Wolf, Tim Sullivan’s horror musical beach party pulls from lots of genres and tears them apart! As the director says, “imagine a gay Grease crossed with Twilight!I Was a Teenage Werebear follows a day in the life of Ricky O’Reilly, the closeted new kid who falls for Talon, Malibu High’s mysterious bad boy. When aroused, the two transform into bestial leather daddies, the titular “Werebears.”


SpareDir. Tomer Almagor. 9 min. US
When Frank’s flimsy plan to whack Leo is thwarted by a flat tire, Leo flees the scene, and the two gangsters embark on a chase deep into the woods where they experience unforeseen intimacy…

Blokes (Blocks)

BlokesDir. Marlia Rivas. 15 min. 2010 Chile
Santiago, Chile, in 1986. Luchito is 13 years old and feels deeply attracted to Manuel, a 16-year-old neighbour. Luchito masturbates while watching Manuel’s sexual encounter with a neighborhood girl through the window of an adjacent building. The window becomes an erotic stage that arouses Luchito’s curiosity – but this has catastrophic consequences for Manuel.

Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical

Cupcake A Zombie Lesbian MusicalDir. Rebecca Thomson. 17 min. 2010 Australia
Set in a regular Australian suburb, zombies are on the loose and they’re looking for human flesh! But for two long-time residents of this zombie infested neighbourhood, Agnes and Mauva, the threat is not the rotting, rampaging undead but the young love-struck lesbian couple who live next door. The targets of the old ladies’ fears, Billy and Dayna, believe that their love for each other can overcome all hurdles… until the postman calls!

Featuring the original and unforgettable songs Zombie & Lesbians, No Penis Between Us, My Girlfriend Ate My Pussy – Literally! and Zombie Pride, this black comedy will win over your heart… while it’s eating your brains out!

Potilas (The Patient)

PotilasDir. Misko Iho. 17 min. 2011 Finland
The graveyard shift takes an unexpected turn for a guard when he’s driven into a conversation with an unusual patient.


  • Area Premiere! Jia Zhangke's MOUNTAINS MAY DEPART • May 13–16
John Williams Scores! VALLEY OF THE DOLLS • Thursday 5/5 at 8:00

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