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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Judas Kiss

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Judas KissDir. J.T. Tepnapa. 102 min. 2011 US
Failed filmmaker Zachary Wells is convinced by his friend, hotshot director Topher Shadoe, to replace him as a judge in Keystone University’s annual film festival. During his first night in town, Zach hooks up with a student at a bar. He’s shocked the next morning when the same student walks into an interview, calling himself Danny Reyes — the name Zach went by when he attended Keystone. Even more strange, Danny’s film, “Judas Kiss,” is a finalist in the competition Zach is judging, a contest which Zach’s film of the same title won years before! As Zach scrambles for answers, a mysterious, chain-smoking campus tour guide counsels him: “Change the kid’s past, change your future.” But how? Zach sees Danny on the verge of making his same mistakes, beginning with choosing wealthy Shane over Chris, the guy he truly loves. But Danny needs Shane’s help when his father threatens to cut him off if Danny allows “Judas Kiss” to screen — it spills too many family secrets. Zach decides he can mend his life by getting Danny’s film disqualified. But at the urging of the other judges, “Judas Kiss” is still screened, prompting a confrontation between Danny and his father about their family’s dark past. Zach’s victory over Danny’s fate proves to be Pyrrhic; when Zach returns to Hollywood he finds himself willing to risk reaching out to his aged and ailing father.

  • The 20th Annual! BUGS BUNNY FILM FESTIVAL • School Vacation Week – February 14–21, 2015
The 20th Annual! BUGS BUNNY FILM FESTIVAL • School Vacation Week – February 14–21, 2015

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