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Area Premiere! Exclusively on 35mm! TOO LATE • May 6–9

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Tue, Oct 25, 2011

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100 Years of Chills: A Vincent Price Centennial Tribute!

Special Off-Site Event!

Right up there with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price was one of the crown princes of terror and, for many, he is the prototypical horror icon. Though he began his career on screen in westerns, noirs and other pulpy fare, Price really came into his own in 1953 when he starred in House Of Wax. That film was followed by countless other turns as both the hero and the villain in horror movies such as The Fly, House On Haunted Hill, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, and Edward Scissorhands, not to mention innumerable Edgar Allen Poe adaptations. To celebrate this master of the macabre on the occaision of his 100th birthday, the Brattle and Area 4 Restaurant are teaming up to screen two of his most enjoyable horror flicks along with movie inspired snacks and libations.

$5 minimum suggested donation at the door. Area Four is located at 500 Technology Square in Cambridge. Visit the Area Four website for menu information, directions, and parking advice. 

w/Vincent Price short films
at 8:00pm
If not the classiest horror film that Vincent Price was ever in, at least THE TINGLER is one of the most fun. Created by the legendary horror-huckster William Castle, THE TINGLER features Price as a doctor who is studying fear in humans. Soon he discovers a hideous, unseen parasite called The Tingler that feeds off human fear. The only way to get rid of it… SCREAM!!

at 10:00pm
Price plays Edward Kendall Sheridan Lionheart, a disgraced Shakespearian actor who goes a little mad after being denied the coveted Critic’s Circle Award. Having survived a suicide attempt, Lionheart exacts revenge upon the critics who ruined his career by murdering them one by one in the style of Shakespeare’s most famously gory deaths. A fabulously grand-guignol film, THEATRE OF BLOOD was also one of Price’s favorites.

  • Area Premiere! Exclusively on 35mm! TOO LATE • May 6–9
John Williams Scores! STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS • Wednesday 5/4 at 8:30

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