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Tue, Nov 1, 2011

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Balagan Presents: Robert Todd’s Master Plan

Robert Todd's Master Plan

Q+A with Director Robert Todd Following the Film!

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We invite you to join us for this special premiere screening of acclaimed filmmaker Robert Todd’s new experimental documentary feature! Following the film, Robert Todd will host a Q&A and discussion on urban planning, and how incarceration fits into neighborhood development.

MASTER PLAN focuses on features of designs for living that reflect a range of values in American society. The film presents various strata of “managed” housing, mixing accounts of the planners’ rationales for their designs with residents’ testimonies concerning the quality of life within these structures.

The residential spaces include individual homes (three versions), a co-housing development, a master-plan community, a company town, an army base, public housing developments (including coordinated neighborhood development), and a jail/prison.

The film allows the planners of these facilities or structures to express their design goals, each contributing to a collectively developed thesis concerning societal norms and ideals regarding housing and residential well-being. The overarching visual design of the film combines cinematic portraits of the various residential spaces to create a structural milieu that is at once familiar and fantastic, reflecting a dialectic found within our goals for housing, but also within the society at large: the oft-competing needs for stability and creativity.

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