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  • Kids' Movies Not Just For Kids • April 18–23

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Haunted House of Pancakes


Presented by The International Pancake Film Festival

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Since 2007, the International Pancake Film Festival has showcased short films and videos with a good portion of their length dedicated to the humble flapjack (johnnycake, hotcake, blintz, crepe, griddlecake, ploye…) This year marks our fifth edition, and our first spooktacular Halloween celebration: The I.P.F.F.’s Haunted House of Pancakes. Admission includes a complimentary stack of pancakes! Sweet, syrupy fun will certainly be had by all.

Submissions open through September 20th – visit the link below for more info.

  • Kids' Movies Not Just For Kids • April 18–23
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