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Fri, Mar 8, 2013

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Night Across the Street

Night Across the Street

Area Premiere March 8–10!

The Final Film by Raoul Ruiz!

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(2012) dir Raoul Ruiz w/Sergio Hernandez, Christian Vadim, Santiago Figueroa, Sergio Schmied, Valentina Vargas, Charmila Rodriguez [110 min; in Spanish and French with English subtitles]
NIGHT ACROSS THE STREET is the magical, surreal and intricate final film from cinematic master Raoul Ruiz (Mysteries of Lisbon) and was conceived and directed while he knew he was dying.

On the verge of a forced retirement – or perhaps his death – Don Celso, an elderly office worker begins to relive both real and imagined memories from his life – a trip to the movies as a young boy with Beethoven, listening to tall tales from Long John Silver, a brief stay in a haunted hotel, conversations with a fictional doppelgänger of a real writer. Stories hide within stories and the thin line between imagination and reality steadily erodes, opening up a marvelous new world of personal remembrance and fantastic melodrama. In this playfully elegiac film, loosely adapted from the fantastical short stories of Chilean writer Herman del Solar, Ruiz has crafted a final masterwork on his favorite subjects: fiction, history, and life itself.

“A beautiful affecting bookend to a career that never stood still.” – Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound

“A playful supernatural fever dream.” – Stephen Holden, New York Times

“One of the cinema’s grandest, most graceful farewells…” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

  • Prime Noir of the 1950s: IN A LONELY PLACE • Friday, June 10
Reunion Weekend! 75th Anniversary! CITIZEN KANE • May 27 & 28

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