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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Repertory Series ArchiveThe Complete Coens

The Hudsucker Proxy

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(1994) dir Joel & Ethan Coen w/Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman, Charles Durning [111 min; 35mm]
This homage to screwball comedy and the spirit of Frank Capra is set during the late 1950s at a faltering manufacturing company. Hudsucker Industries has just lost its owner and a ruthless member of the board of directors (Newman) is planning a hostile takeover. As a cog in his plan he installs a rube (Robbins) as the new president in a bid to make the company stock lose value. Unfortunately, the rube turns out to be a success and things get even more complicated with the introduction of a fast-talking reporter (Leigh).

“If the future is now in the past that means the past is now in the future! Where did the present go? Screenings of HUDSUCKER PROXY—produced in 1994, set in 1958—will surely continue to captivate present-day audiences; does that send the present to the past, or the past to the present?” Katie DeMarse takes a look at THE HUDSUCKER PROXY in her Brattle Film Notes essay, “Idea Men At It Again!”

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Independent Film Festival Boston • April 24–28 at Brattle Theatre
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