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Area Premiere! BPM (BEATS PER MINUTE) • February 2–8

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Sun, Feb 9, 2014

(Some of) The Best of 2013Repertory Series Archive

Drinking Buddies


Special introduction by Boston Online Film Critics Association member Andrew Crump!

(2013) dir Joe Swanberg w/Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, Ron Livingston [90 min]
Master of the no-budget indie, Joe Swanberg took a step outside his comfort zone in 2013 by working with “real” professional actors, and the results are pretty great! Wilde and Johnson play co-workers at a craft brewery who have an obvious attraction to each other – but they are both in committed relationships. Predictably, things get messy, but Swanberg maintains a naturally comedic tone – ably aided by the principal cast – that means the film never swings into needlessly over-dramatic territory.

Brattle Passes Accepted. Buy the multi-feature ticket and see DRINKING BUDDIES in a double feature with THE WORLD’S END for one low price!

  • Area Premiere! BPM (BEATS PER MINUTE) • February 2–8
Filmmaker in Person! The DocYard presents SIGHTED EYES/FEELING HEART: LORRAINE HANSBERRY • Monday 1/29 at 7:00

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