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Thu, Apr 10, 2014

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Boston Cinema Census 2014

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The Boston Cinema Census is an annual screening event hosted by the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For years the BCC has provided an intimate and entertaining way for local filmmakers to present their work to a film loving audience.

In the true spirit of a census, the films presented at the BCC each year span the interests of narrative, documentary and experimental film. It is a vehicle for regional filmmakers to demonstrate their place in the local filmmaking community and an opportunity for audiences to experience current trends in local filmmaking.

Throughout its history the BCC has proven a key launching pad for New England filmmakers. Past BCC films have gone on to have very strong festival runs, moving next to festivals such as the New York Film Festival, SXSW and the Tribeca Film Festival.

The BCC is an annual screening, hosted at the Brattle Theater, the provides New England filmmakers with a platform to present their new work to a film-loving audience.

This year’s line up features an impressive and diverse array of short films:

“The King of Size” by: Peter Dowd
“Fetch” by: Ben Pender-Cudlip
“Objects of Contemplation” by: Koeun Neak
“corporeality” by: Lauren Hank
“The Color Pink” by: Thomas Mull
“Dry Stone” by: Graham Deneen
“Missed” by: Caer Ferguson
“The Astronaut and the Star” by: Christina Kolozsvary
“Photogram #1” by: Youjin Moon
“LOVESONG” by: Robert Todd
“Hay Algo Y Se Va” by: Kimberly Forero-Arnias
“When He Comes Home” by: Ben Phillippo
“Buena Fe” by: Cristina Kotz Cornejo

The BCC is organized and curated by the Central Productions Board of Directors: Chris Gaines (Chair), Jean-Paul DiSciscio, Shaun Clarke, Nick Manley & Elayne McCabe.

Official Site | Central Productions

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  • Thursday, April 10 at 8:00 PM

Ticket $10, no Brattle passes.

  • The Theatrical Version: FANNY AND ALEXANDER • December 22+23