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Area Premiere! Eili Harboe stars in Joachim Trier's THELMA • January 19–25

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Sun, May 25, 2014

Repertory Series ArchiveThe Little Tramp at 100

The Circus

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(1928) dir Chaplin w/Chaplin, Merna Kennedy, Al Ernest Garcia [71 min; 35mm]
THE CIRCUS features Chaplin’s Little Tramp becoming the inadvertent star of a struggling circus when the cops chase him into the ring one night. Taking refuge with the circus, the Tramp falls for the ringmaster’s beautiful stepdaughter and, eventually, becomes the true star of the show. Romantic complications eventually lead to a spectacular climax with the Tramp trying to walk a tightrope while harassed by a gang of escaped monkeys.

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Shows in a Double Feature with CITY LIGHTS. Brattle passes accepted.

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