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Area Premiere! Eili Harboe stars in Joachim Trier's THELMA • January 19–25

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Sat, Jan 17, 2015

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(1982) dir Paul Schrader w/Nastassja Kinski, Malcolm McDowell, John Heard, Annette O’Toole, Ruby Dee [118 min; 35mm]
Featuring an iconic score by Giorgio Moroder, Paul Schrader’s very ’80s update of the classic 1940s gothic horror film stars Nastassja Kinski as a young woman who comes to New Orleans to meet her estranged older brother Paul (McDowell). Once there, she begins to uncover the monstrous history of her own family and the disturbing plans that Paul has for their future together. In making the were-panther plot of the original film more clear and prevalent, Schrader shifts the focus from a noir-tinged monster movie to a psychological thriller about coming of age in a perverted and terrifying world.

“Where Tourneur’s film focused on the horror of bodily transformation – and the paranoia inherent in such a thing – Schrader’s eroticizes it, keeping the action almost exclusively sexual. The result is something that feels a lot more in tradition with European art-horror from the likes of Jean Rollin or Walerian Borowczyk, with an equal emphasis put on atmosphere as well as sex.” – Justin LaLiberty, Brattle Film Notes

It’s that time of the year again when people start buying candy and jewelry and putting up pictures of cherubs everywhere. As much as we love celebrating love, we feel that sometimes there’s too narrow a definition applied around Valentine’s Day. Here with the antidote is our latest REEL WEIRD BRATTLE late night series. From David Cronenberg’s transgressive masterpiece CRASH to the bizarre obsessions of THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES to the alternative affections of SECRETARY, we present a series of weird and wonderful films that are all, no matter how strangely, driven by passion.
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  • Saturday 1/17 at 11:30 PM

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