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Area Premiere! Wicked Queer and the Brattle present Joachim Trier's THELMA • January 19–25

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Wed, Apr 27, 2016

Repertory Series ArchiveThrough Indian Eyes: Native American Cinema

Drunktown’s Finest

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(2014) dir Sydney Freeland (Navajo) w/Jeremiah Bitsui, Carmen Moore, Morningstar Angeline Wilson,Tailinh Agoyo, Loren Anthony [89 min; Digitial]
In her impressive first feature, Sydney Freeland unfurls a suite of stories about contemporary life among Navajo youth. Her astute drama presents a small, reservation-adjacent town in which epic, individual stories churn. Cutting every which way through received stereotypes of Native life, DRUNKTOWN’S FINEST updates and diversifies this catalog of images, accounting for years of accumulated history that have brought modern and traditional cultures into a rich and complex dialogue.

“Rather than dispel stereotypes [about Native Americans], Freeland spins them into moving human drama, achieving a delicate balancing act between heartbreaking realism and sincere optimism.” – Inkoo Kang, The Wrap

Screens with


(2009) dir Blackhorse Lowe (Navajo) [15 min; Digital]


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Wed 4/27 at 5:30 PM

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  • Area Premiere! Wicked Queer and the Brattle present Joachim Trier's THELMA • January 19–25
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