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Repertory Series: Keaton-esque • SILENT MOVIE • Wednesday 12/26 at 5:00, 9:30

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Mon, Aug 28, 2017

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The Yakuza

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Screens in place of FAREWELL, MY LOVELY, which has been canceled due to print quality issues. Please note our late show has moved from 9:00 to 9:15 in order to accommodate the longer running time.

(1974) dir Sydney Pollack w/Mitchum, Ken Takakura, Keiko Kishi, Brian Keith, Herb Edelman [112 min; 35mm]
Sydney Pollack’s moody, neo-noir stars Mitchum as Kilmer, a former Marine who returns to Japan to help an old friend rescue his kidnapped daughter. Kilmer activates contacts and relationships that have lain dormant since the Occupation and, in the process, opens some old emotional wounds. Of course, the situation is more complicated than he expected and Kilmer’s life is threatened when he crosses a dangerous yakuza clan.
Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive

“Mitchum, armed with a shotgun and a pistol, is particularly bad-ass.” – David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews

“A superior action movie… for audiences that have grown accustomed over the last few years to buckets of blood, disembowelments and severed hands flying through the air.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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Monday 8/28
at 4:30 7:00 9:15 PM

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