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Sat, Oct 14, 2017

GlobeDocs Film Festival 2017Special Events Archive

Gladesmen: The Last of the Sawgrass Cowboys

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Presented by GlobeDocs Film Festival

Guests: David Abel, Andy Laub

Moderator: Peter Keough, Freelance Film Critic

GLADESMEN: THE LAST OF THE SAWGRASS COWBOYS explores the federal government’s ban on Florida’s iconic airboats in much of Florida’s Everglades. The measure is part of the world’s largest effort to repair a damaged ecosystem, a vast river of grass that has been ravaged by more than a century of development, pollution, and other environmental degradation. The outcome will determine the future of the region’s water supply, and its ability to withstand rising sea levels. It may also lead to the demise of the Gladesmen.

Director: David Abel
Producers: David Abel, Andy Laub
Length: 86 minutes
Year: 2017


  • Happy Valentine's Day! CASABLANCA • Tuesday 2/13 & Wednesday 2/14 at 10:00
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