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Repertory Series: Keaton-esque • SHERLOCK JR. • Tuesday 12/25 at 7:00

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Fri, Jan 5, 2018

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No Maps on My Taps

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New Digital Restoration!

(1982) dir George T. Nierenberg w/Howard ‘Sandman’ Sims, Lionel Hampton, Chuck Green, Bunny Briggs, John William Sublett [58 min; DCP]
George Nierenberg’s exhilarating landmark film, NO MAPS ON MY TAPS, featuring music by Lionel Hampton and the dance artistry of Bunny Briggs, Chuck Green, and Harold ‘Sandman’ Sims helped to spark a tap dancing renaissance in the 1980s. The director’s real love for the dancers and their art (his mother was a tapper) made this joyous documentary a hit with audiences and critics. The thrilling talent and ebullient charisma of the three dancers shines through in every fame.

Screens with the follow-up ABOUT TAP [28 min] which features even more fantastic tap performances and performers!

“Exhilarating, touching, [and] thoroughly absorbing!” – The New York Times

“Their story is poignant, their dexterity poetic, their legacy immense!” – Time Magazine

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Friday 1/5
at 5:00 7:00 PM

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