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Staff Picks for Our May-June Schedule

STAFF PICKWe’re back with staff picks for the May and June schedule – check out the complete list after the jump…

Pressed for time? See the complete list on our schedule page


Alissa Darsa is the Brattle’s Development Associate.


Moussou N’Diaye is a member of the Brattle concessions staff.


Kim Baillargeon is the Brattle’s Operations Manager.


Yangqiao Lu is the Brattle’s Associate Director.


Erica Hill is a member of the Brattle concessions staff.


  • Looking forward to Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami’s last film 24 FRAMES as well as a revisit to that rediscovered great Spaghetti Western THE GREAT SILENCE with Klaus Kinski and Jean-Louis Trintignant.
  • Our staple of the past, Film Noir, is included on this schedule with some old friends like THE KILLERS and MURDER, MY SWEET plus a few I don’t believe we’ve shown before (how is that possible hehehe), some of the films from the UCLA Archives, such a treat.
  • A handful of David Lynch with my favorites BLUE VELVET and LOST HIGHWAY.
  • TRASH NIGHT, need I say more…
  • And finally at the beginning of my show biz career, when I started working at the ol’ Central Sq. Cinema, KING OF HEARTS had just finished a 5 year run there, to return a few weeks later for another few months, a must see for the whimsical in us all.

Dave Leamon is a member of the Brattle projection staff.


Damon Bishop is a member of the Brattle concessions staff.


Jessie Schanzle is the Brattle’s associate director.

  • New Digital Restoration! Barbara Loden's WANDA • October 26–28