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Return of the Grindhouse: ONE-ARMED BOXER • Friday 7/27 at 9:30

Thu, Aug 9, 2018

Staff PicksHeroic!: Women Who InspireRepertory Series

9 to 5

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Double Feature with NORMA RAE (7:00)

(1980) dir Colin Higgins w/Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, Dabney Coleman, Sterling Hayden [109 min; DCP]
In this decidedly less-realistic take on office politics, three put upon female workers (Fonda, Tomlin, and Parton) who have been submitted to daily degradation by their egotistical, sexual-harassing, misogynist boss (Coleman) fantasize about murdering the bastard – but end up only kidnapping him instead.

Staff Pick: Cara

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Thursday 8/9
at 4:45 9:30 PM

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