Boston Underground Film Festival 17 • March 25–29
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About the Foundation

Brattle Film Foundation logoThe Brattle Film Foundation celebrates film as a popular and fine art form with cultural and historic importance that excites, educates, and inspires community.

As the premier destination for repertory film in Greater Boston, the Brattle Film Foundation uses an international view of cinema to:

  • Enhance the movie going experience through curated programming, community building, education and the shared large-screen experience;
  • Recognize film as both popular and fine art with important cultural and historic value;
  • Show a diverse range of films that cannot and will not be shown anywhere else;
  • Ensure cinema is respected, viewed and recognized alongside other great works of art; and
  • Enrich the cinema going experience through diverse film programming, education and information in theaters and online.

At a time when art houses and independent theatres continue to be consumed by large conglomerates, the Brattle Theatre has remained successful and true to its roots as a venue to see innovative and essential films. Starting with the programming of Cy Harvey and Bryant Halliday in 1953, the Brattle has been the unofficial film school for Boston-area residents, showing everything from Casablanca to Breaking the Waves, the works of Buster Keaton to Wong Kar-Wai. Over the years, the Brattle’s diverse programming has brought many films to view that might otherwise have been forgotten or missed.

Brattle Film Foundation Board

  • Courtney Greene
    Regional Director – Harvard College Fund, Harvard University
    Somerville, MA
  • Jeffrey Heisler
    Investment Strategist – TwinFocus Capital Partners
    Needham, MA
  • Edward Hinkle
    Creative Director/Co-Founder – Brattle Film Foundation
    Cambridge, MA
  • B. Blake Howard
    Vice President Marketing – National Financial at Fidelity Investments
    Cambridge, MA
  • Thomas Lee
    Office for the Arts at Harvard
    Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Calvin Lindsay
    Centurion Filmmakers
    Director of Cable Television – City of Cambridge
    Randolph, MA
  • Rodrigo Martinez
    Life Sciences Chief Strategist – IDEO
    Belmont, MA
  • John Sten
    Partner – McDermott, Will & Emery
    Needham, MA
  • Daniel Thompson
    Assistant Chair, Music Production and Engineering Department – Berklee College of Music
    Belmont, MA
  • Astrid Tsang – Clerk
    SLP Financial
    Boston, MA
  • Larry Yu – President
    Managing Director – Kite Global Advisors
    Somerville, MA
  • Derek Baumann – Treasurer (non-board)
    Audit Manager – Bernard, Johnson & Company, P.C.
    Topsfield, MA

Advisory Board

  • Brad Anderson
  • Miguel Arteta
  • Rudy Franchi
  • Ted Hope
  • Megan Hurst
  • David Lynch
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