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Theatrical Premiere Run! BATHTUBS OVER BROADWAY • December 7–13

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Repertory Series

Wednesday, November 22 – Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sometimes you labor over a series and craft a deeply rewarding set of films only to have to wrack your brain to come up with a title for the darn thing. Sometimes, in a flash, the title for a series comes to you without any forethought – like Athena bursting forth fully grown from the head of Zeus. Thus was ‘HANKSGIVING born! During this holiday week we take time to give thanks for America’s most likeable contemporary movie star: the inimitable Tom Hanks. Join us for this program of some of his most entertaining and beloved films – as well as a couple of fun aberrations (I’m looking at you JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO). Happy ‘HANKSGIVING everybody!

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