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Boston Calling Film Festival Curated by Natalie Portman • May 22–24 at Brattle Theatre

The Brattle Theatre40 Brattle St., Cambridge MA 02138 • Harvard Square • 617 876-6837 • [email protected]

Alt X-Mas 2012

Friday, December 14–Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gizmo loves the Brattle!We love IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE but sometimes we just feel like we’ve had our fill of holiday themed flicks. Then, magically, the holiday season insinuates itself into something different – a film that isn’t, technically, a Holiday Movie. Sometimes it’s something you have to be reminded of, as is the case with CITY OF LOST CHILDREN and BRAZIL. And sometimes it’s the perfect beginning to a story of destruction and mayhem (GREMLINS). Whatever your feelings about the holidays, come enjoy these alternative instances of seasonal ‘cheer.’

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