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Boston Women's Film Festival presents WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY • Sunday 9/30 at 8:00

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Reviews for ‘Bisbee ‘17’

“The sheer audacity and originality of the exercise makes it a must-see, regardless of what you might think of the success or failure of any particular choice.” – Matt Zoller Seitz,

“A fierce, lyrical probe into the soul of a town haunted by a history it would rather forget.” – Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

“Even though “Bisbee ’17” depicts a wholesome and harmonious community undertaking, it is a profoundly haunted and haunting film.” – A.O. Scott, New York Times

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The Harvard Gazette: “Following Bergman into the dark”

Staff Picks: September 17–23

We’ve got some special guests lined up for a couple of this week’s staff picks, including filmmaker Sandi Tan in person at tonight’s screening with The DocYard, and filmmaker Robert Greene in person on Thursday – learn more after the jump…

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Boston Hassle: “Big 3 Film: Ingmar Bergman”

Boston Globe: “Inaugural Boston Women’s Film Festival arrives soon”

Film Notes: “Ezra Haber Glenn Introduces King Vidor’s ‘The Crowd'”

Boston Globe: “‘Madeline’s Madeline’ writer-director Josephine Decker on her experimental portait of a young actress”

Reviews for ‘Madeline’s Madline’

★★★★ “‘Madeline’s Madeline’ is a stunning, one-of-a-kind movie.” – Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“An ecstatically disorienting experience that defines its terms right from the start and then obliterates any trace of traditional film language, achieving a cinematic aphasia that allows Decker to redraw the boundaries between the stories we tell and the people we tell them about. The result is an experimental movie with the emotional tug of a mainstream hit, a fragmented coming-of-age drama that explores the vast space between Hollis Frampton and Greta Gerwig in order to find something truly new and ineffably of its time.” – David Ehrlich, IndieWire

“In her third film, writer-director Josephine Decker confirms her position as the American indie queen of improv, whose self-styled mission it is to push the outer limits of film language into the stratosphere.” – Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

“With an incredible finale evoking David Lynch and immersive theatre, the film leaves its questions unanswered but the audience entranced. Decker cements herself as a true original.” – Sarah Foulkes, Slashfilm

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Bergman Series Cancellations on Wednesday 10/3 and Sunday 10/7

We regret that we must cancel the following upcoming screenings: 5:30 show of SUMMER INTERLUDE on Wednesday, October 3, and the 1:30 screening of SUMMER WITH MONIKA on Sunday, October 7. All other shows on these dates will take place as scheduled.

Boston Globe: “Fall festival and special film occasions”

The Globe‘s Loren King highlights a number of area festivals, including three taking place at the Brattle: Ingmar Bergman 100, Boston Asian American Film Festival, and the Boston Women’s Film Festival. Read More →