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New Digital Restoration! Andrei Tarkovsky's STALKER • June 30 – July 6

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Brattle Film Notes: ‘Vanishing Point’ or: Have Car, Will Travel

Summer Favorite ‘Jaws’ Returns July 3 & 4

JawsAmity Island had everything. Clear skies. Gentle surf. Warm water. People flocked there every summer. It was the perfect feeding ground. Get your fill of sun, surf, and fear when JAWS returns just in time for the July Fourth holiday! Screening Monday, July 3 at 9:30 and Tuesday, July 4 at 12:00 noon, with tickets on sale beginning Friday, June 9 at 12:00 noon.

Brattle Film Notes: ‘Seven Beauties’ – A Satire of Survival

Brattle Film Notes: ‘Swept Away’ – Wertmüller’s Maze of Sex and Politics

Brattle Film Notes: ‘Love & Anarchy’

Reviews for ‘Beat the Devil’

beat-the-devil-poster-1“It operates under the assumption that everyone in it is drunk, lusty, a little crooked, and a little crazy, and once you tune in to their wavelength, it’s fun to just hang out with them for an hour and a half.” – Jason Bailey, Flavorwire

★★★★ “If ‘Beat the Devil’ puzzled audiences on its first release, it has charmed them since.” – Roger Ebert

“[Capote] makes cravenness simply sparkle, dropping wicked pearl after pearl.” – March Asch, Brooklyn Magazine

“An absurdist spoof of ‘The Maltese Falcon’… Has the daffy charm of a movie that feels as if it was made up as it was being shot.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times
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Brattle Film Notes: ‘The Palm Beach Story’: The Runaway Bride

Repertory Series! A FISTFUL OF SPAGHETTI WESTERNS • Friday 6/23 thru Thursday 6/29

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