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Reviews for ‘Dreams Rewired’

DREAMS REWIRED“A phenomenal cinematic essay!” – Devin Faraci, Birth.Movies.Death.

“A lively, visually enthralling attempt to gaze into the future by remembering the past.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“What’s subversive and fun about ‘Dreams Rewired’ is the ways it draws connections to conversations we’re having right now about social media and our growing digital hive mind without ever mentioning such developments by name.” Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“★★★★! A marvelous essay film [that] leaves you fantasizing about what things there are to come.” – Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian  More »

Brattle Film Notes for ‘Brazil’

Brattle Film Notes for ‘The Lives of Others’

Reviews for ‘Mojave’

Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund star in William Monahan's MOJAVE, premiering Jan 29–Feb 1, 2016★★★★ “Oscar Isaac, on a brilliant winning streak the last couple of years… delivers such masterful work that the minute this movie was over, I wanted to watch it again so I could soak in the greatness of the performance.” – Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

“Mojave is a devilish tale that allows the audience to take a front seat to a madman’s intentions… Oscar Isaac is a scene-stealing unstable tornado of lunacy.” – Chris Sawin, Examiner

“Monahan has a knack for gritty, testosterone driven adventures.” – Hollywood Outbreak

“Prickly, suspenseful, even coolly humorous, ‘Mojave’ finds noirish fun in the existential woes of a successful artist and old-fashioned movie pleasure in the parry and thrust of sharp dialogue.” – Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times  More »

Brattle Film Notes for ‘Heart of a Dog’

Brattle Film Notes for ‘It Follows’

Brattle Film Notes for ‘Crimson Peak’

Upcoming Films Featuring 2016 Oscar Nominees

THE LOOK OF SILENCEThe Brattle is thrilled to be presenting a number of 2016 Oscar nominees in upcoming programs, including the multi-award nominated MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, THEEB, THE LOOK OF SILENCE, and more. See below for details, and don’t forget to save the date for the Brattle’s 2016 Oscar Party on Sunday, February 28!

  • MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, nominated for Best Picture, Costume Design, Makeup and Hair Styling, Sound Editing, Film Editing, Production Design, and Cinematography, screening on 35mm January 15+16
  • Charlotte Rampling, nominated for Best Actress in 45 Years, co-starring in Guy Maddin’s THE FORBIDDEN ROOM on Saturday 1/23
  • Tom Hardy, nominated for Best Supporting Actor in The Revenant, starring in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD on January 15+16
  • George Miller, nominated for Best Directing for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, showing on January 15+16
  • SHAUN THE SHEEP, nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, showing on January 23+24
  • THE LOOK OF SILENCE, nominated for Best Documentary Feature, screening on Wednesday 1/20
  • THEEB, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, screening on Thursday 1/21

Visit for a complete list of nominees in all categories.

Film Notes for ‘Tangerine’

Film Notes for ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’

Double Feature! MAGIC MIKE and MAGIC MIKE XXL • Friday 2/26 & Saturday 2/27

Be part of the excitement at the Brattle Oscar Party • Sunday, February 28, 2016