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2007 Annual Report

Essential. Innovative. Classic. Independent. Four words that begin to convey the essence of a passion about a remarkable place. We’re talking about our mutual devotion to the Brattle Theatre. That appreciation extends beyond experiencing film on the big screen, to encompassing the Brattle’s presence as a vital cultural resource and community landmark for Harvard Square.

Today we are pleased to share with you a retrospective of 2007, celebrating the Brattle’s activities and milestones as the foremost award-winning independent repertory movie theater in the Boston area, and one of few remaining art house cinemas in the country. This annual report highlights a number of exciting developments including the Brattle’s growth in educational programs, such as Elements of Cinema, a monthly free screening of essential films open to the public. We also comment on the Brattle’s original programming as well as numerous special events, several in partnership with other community organizations, hosted at the Theatre over the past year.

Our commitment to the Brattle Theatre goes beyond the daily undertaking of operating a theater to screening over 300 of the most diverse and important movies every year. As Brattle enthusiasts, you share this commitment through your gifts to the Brattle Film Foundation (BFF), the non-profit that operates the Theatre. Annual support is vital to the continued existence of the Brattle and we are pleased to recognize those individuals, foundations, and corporations who gave generously last year. We are especially grateful to the inaugural members of the Balcony Club, a new donor society profiled in this report.

The Brattle Theatre’s noteworthy achievements and growth over the past year could not have happened without you—our viewing audience, members, donors, and volunteers—and we are privileged to have your involvement. Whether your last visit was days, weeks, or months ago, the Brattle Theatre belongs to us all. We hope you enjoy reading this annual report and we look forward to celebrating great cinema and sharing another year at the Brattle with you.


Philip Weiser
President, Board of Directors

Ivy Moylan
Executive Director

Ned Hinkle
Creative Director


Robert Wise Centennial • THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN • TUE 8/26

Girls Rule! Vera Chytilová's Czech New Wave Classic DAISIES • Wed 8/27
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