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donor spotlight: Dan and Michlyne Thal

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Dan and Michlyne Thal: donors 10 years

The Thals“We support the Brattle because there is nothing like seeing a film on a big screen in an audience of other film lovers. Sitting in front of the tube, no matter how big the screen, is simply not the same.

Personally, we enjoy the chance to the see the films of earlier days on the big screen again. Although not big productions by today’s definition, the films of the ’30s are extraordinarily entertaining.

We are not ones who think everything in the past was better – and in fact enjoy watching many of today’s movies – but there are many from the ’30s through the ’60s that are amazing, and the Brattle is the only place to see them.

We thank you for reminding us that film has such a rich and vibrant history.”

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