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    We have been so honored by the filmmakers, authors and musicians who have shared their creativity, passion and work with us over the years.


    • Bruce Campbell – with Evil Dead 2 and If Chins Could Kill
    • Richard Linklater – with premiere of Waking Life
    • Barbara Hammer – with premiere of History Lessons
    • Ross McElwee – with screening of Sherman’s March


    • Genevieve Bujold – Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film awards
    • James Toback – with premiere of Harvard Man
    • Ken Burns – reading
    • Chuck Palahniuk – reading and intro of Fight Club
    • Ethan Hawke – with premiere of Chelsea Walls
    • Michael Lesy – with premiere of Wisconsin Death Trip


    • Lili Taylor – invited guest for 50th anniversary of the brattle theatre
    • Gordon Willis – with Manhattan, invited for 50th anniversary
    • Albert Maysles – with Salesman, invited for 50th anniversary
    • Charles Burnett – programmed our first “Selected by” in partnership with Du Bois Institute, invited for 50th anniversary
    • Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ed Lachman, Thom Fitzgerald and Agnes Godard – with Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film
    • James Curtis – with W.C. Fields double feature
    • Hrvatski – concert


    • Quincy Jones – partnership with Harvard Office for the Arts, with In Cold Blood and In the Heat of the Night
    • Peter Biskind – reading and intro of Reservoir Dogs
    • Lucas Belvaux and Ellen Page – Chlotrudis
    • Stanley Cavell – with The Awful Truth
    • Greg Pak – with premiere of Robot Stories
    • Leslie Epstein – Return to Casablanca


    • Robert B. Parker – with The Maltese Falcon
    • Maury Chaykin – Chlotrudis
    • Hal Hartley – with a retrospective of his films
    • Jacques Doillion – partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Consulate, with a retrospective of his films
    • Hal Hartley – with premiere of The Girl from Monday
    • Peter Carey – reading and intro of Grave of Fireflies
    • Andreas Dresen – with Grill Point, partnership with Goethe Institut Boston
    • Daniel Macivor – with premiere of Wilby Wonderful
    • Naomi Kline – with premiere of The Take


    • Tony Kushner and Robert Brustein – with The Misfits
    • Tracy Wright and Don McKellar – Chlotrudis
    • Bruce Campbell – with Bubba Ho-Tep
    • Andrew Bujalski – with premiere of Mutual Appreciation
    • Geraldine Chaplin – first gala guest, with Cria Cuervos as part of the 50thanniversary of Janus Films
    • Cy Harvey, Jr. – honored at gala as part of the 50th anniversary of Janus Films
    • Kira Schon – with Night of the Living Dead
    • Paul Rusesabagina – reading and intro of Hotel Rwanda
    • David Lynch – with premiere of Inland Empire


    • Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright – for HottFuzztival and sneak preview of Hot Fuzz, also appears in DVD extras for the film
    • The cast of Troll 2 – with Troll 2, also part of the film Best Worst Moviewhich they were shooting at the time
    • Michael Palin – reading and intro of And Now for Something Completely Different
    • Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola and Waris Aluwalia with Darjeeling Limited
    • Brad Anderson – second gala guest, with Session 9
    • Bradley Beesley and Sarah Price – with premiere of Summercamp!
    • Joe Swanberg, Andrew Bujalski and Greta Gerwig – with premiere of Hannah Takes the Stairs
    • John Gianvito – with Nostalghia (Elements of Cinema)
    • David Gleeson – with premiere of The Front Line as opening night for Irish Film Festival


    • Andres Dubus III – reading and intro of The House of Sand and Fog
    • Keir Dullea – guest of honor, with 2001
    • Adrian Tomine – reading and intro of Killer of Sheep
    • Andrew Bujalski – with Selected by series
    • Slavoj Zizek – reading and intro of Psycho
    • Harvard football team for 50th anniversary of game – with premiere ofHarvard Beats Yale 29-29
    • Willem Dafoe – third galal guest, with premiere of Go Go Tales
    • Caroline Suh and NAME OF STUDENT AT HARVARD – with premiere ofFrontrunners
    • Jan Egleson – with screening of his film Billy in the Lowlands
    • J.D. O’Connor – with Jaws  (Elements of Cinema)
    • Mark Schilling – with series Nikkatsu Action & 60s Japan
    • Rob Moss and Peter Galison – with premiere of Secrecy
    • Jessica Lange – reading and intro of Frances
    • Frank Lengella – with Starting out in the Evening, BDFC award recipient
    • Juliana Hatfield – concert and reading


    • Murray Lerner – with screening of Festival!
    • Maria Tatar – with Pan’s Labyrinth
    • Emily Hubley – with premiere of The Toe Tactic (Sunday Eye Opener)
    • Astra Taylor – with premiere of Examined Life
    • Walter Mosley – reading and intro of The Maltese Falcon
    • Sandra Schulberg – with series Selling Democracy: Films of the Marshall Plan
    • Chuck Palahniuk- reading and intro of Fight Club
    • Slavoj Zizek – reading and intro of City Lights
    • Molly Haskell – reading and discussion about Gone With the Wind
    • Ondi Timoner – with premiere of We Live in Public
    • James Ellroy – reading and intro of L.A. Confidential
    • Dennis Lehane
    • Howard Zinn – reading and intro of Slaughterhouse 5
    • Amy Grill – with premiere of Speaking in Code
    • Martin Marks – appearance during Edgar Allan Poe series
    • Michael Sragow – special appearance by Victor Fleming biographer with double feature of his films
    • Fred Wiseman – with premiere of La Danse


    • Elliott Gould, Sally Kellerman, Michael Murphy and Kathryn Altman – withBrewster McCloud and The Long Goodbye
    • Jeremy Renner – with The Hurt Locker, BSFC award recipient
    • Beth Grant – Chlotrudis
    • Steve Almond – reading
    • Geoff Edgars – with premiere of Do It Again
    • Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan – discussion and intro of The Devil’s Backbone
    • Barry Gifford – reading and intro of Wild at Heart
    • Christopher Morris – sneak preview of Four Lions
    • Joanne Chang – Sugar & Cinema
    • Tze Chun – with premiere of Children of Invention
    • James Ivory – guest of honor for Oscar weekend
    • Walter Mosley
    • Peter Carey
    • E.O. Wilson
    • Daniel Clowes – reading and intro of Ghost World
    • Mark Griffin – with Vincent Minnelli series
    • Josh and Ben Safdie – with premiere of Daddy Long Legs
    • Sebasitan Junger – reading
    • Bret Easton Ellis – reading and intro of American Psycho
    • Jeff Reichert – with premiere of Gerrymandering
    • Edgar Wright – with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    • Damien Chazelle, Jason Palmer – with premiere of Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench
    • Fred Wiseman – with premiere of Boxing Gym
    • Claudia Gonson – with premiere of Strange Powers: Stephen Merritt and the Magnetic Fields
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