Monday, January 13

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Bending Steel

Filmmakers in Person!

Buy Tickets: 7:00 $10 General Public, $8 Members, Students & Seniors; No Brattle Passes.

Filmmakers Dave Carroll, Ryan Scafuro, and film subject/strongman Chris Schoeck will attend in person for Q&A moderated by Erin Trahan, film journalist and editor of The Independent.

Bending Steel, a deeply moving and inspiring documentary from filmmakers Dave Carroll and Ryan Scafuro, explores the life of 43 year-old Chris Schoeck, a Queens, NY native who is training to become a professional Oldetime Strongman. The story follows Chris’ journey from his early days training in a small basement storage unit, to his very first performance on the big stage at New York’s historic Coney Island. Alongside his trainer Chris Rider, he meets living legends and heroes within the community–and for the first time ever–he gets a taste of acceptance, something that, since his early childhood, has always felt just out of reach. Suddenly Chris sees an opportunity to finally stand out, to make a name for himself, to find his place in life.

Filmmaker Bios:

Dave Carroll (Director) works professionally as a writer, director and cinematographer. He is the founder of Suspect Films, a production company based in New York City. BENDING STEEL is Dave’s first departure from fiction and his feature length directorial debut.

Ryan Scafuro (Producer/DP) is an award winning producer and cinematographer and a graduate of Emerson College. He was director of photography for a group of social issue documentaries including “Just Married” (2004) and “Hidden Wounds” (2005) which won numerous Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. BENDING STEEL is his first feature length film.

Op-Doc Shorts:

In collaboration with The New York Times, The DocYard will theatrically present one Op-Doc short prior to this feature screening. Op-Docs is the editorial department’s forum for short opinion-driven documentaries, produced with wide creative latitude by independent filmmakers, featuring thoughtful and outspoken commentary on issues big and small. Since launching in November 2011, the series is approaching its 100th Op-Doc. Curated by the Op-Docs Series Producer Jason Spingarn-Koff and The DocYard programmers.

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