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Repertory Series ArchiveDead of Winter: Bloodsucking Freaks (2014)



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(1994) dir Michael Almereyda w/Elina Lowensohn, Peter Fonda, Martin Donovan, Galaxy Craze, Suzy Amis, Jared Harris [93 min; 35mm]
The beautiful Elina Lowensohn plays Dracula’s daughter Nadja in this vampire film set in 1990s New York City. The stylish and seductive Nadja finds herself in conflict with the aging Van Helsing (Fonda) and his bumbling son (Donovan).

“NADJA, written and directed by Michael Almereyda, is an example of a genre we can call Deadpan Noir. It’s the kind of movie that deals with unspeakable subjects while keeping a certain ironic distance, and using dialogue that seems funny, although the characters never seem in on the joke… What Almereyda brings to the film is good control of tone (the movie is ironic, and yet sad about its irony) and an interesting visual style. NADJA is filmed in black and white, which is always the best choice for a vampire film, since blood has a way of looking too real in color.” – Roger Ebert

“You have the sense that you’re watching something intensely fragile and secret, on the threshold of visibility.” —Michael Almereyda, director of NADJA, talks about the image quality of the PXL-2000 camera. Read Chelsea Spear’s Brattle Film Note on the history of the PXL-2000 and its use by Almereyda and other filmmakers


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