Wednesday, February 26

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The Singularity

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Special Premiere Screening!

In Person: Filmmaker Doug Wolens and Wendell Wallach of Yale’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

(2012) dir Doug Wolens w/Ray Kurzweil, Bill McKibben, Alison Gopnik, David Chalmers, Leon Panetta [75 min]
The singularity is defined as that point in the future when we create computers with greater-than-human intelligence, bio-engineer our species and re-design matter through nanotechnology. How will these technologies change what it means to be human? Director Doug Wolens speaks with leading futurists, computer scientists, artificial intelligence experts, and philosophers who turn over the question like a Rubik’s Cube. Ultimately, if we become more machine-like, and machines more like us, will we sacrifice our humanity to gain something greater? Or will we engineer our own demise?

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