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New England Premiere!

Director Edmund Mullins in Person!

2013, USA, 92 min.
Director Eddie Mullins
Screenwriter Eddie Mullins
Cast Justin Rice, Leo Fitzpatrick

A pre-apocalyptic comedy,Doomsdays follows the misadventures of Dirty Fred and Bruho, a pair of free-wheeling squatters with a taste for unoccupied vacation homes in the Catskills.

Eddie Mullins’ debut feature, Doomsdays, feels like the beginning of a new wave of cinema responding to the mounting evidence arguing that humanity may have already fucked the planet beyond repair.

This black comedy follows two young men who wander the Catskills, breaking in to summer homes in the off-season. When they’ve found a suitable place, Dirty Fred (Justin Rice, Mutual Appreciation) downs the contents of the liquor and medicine cabinets, while his traveling partner Bruho (Leo Fitzpatrick, Telly from Kids) slashes and smashes every car they come across.

The two trade insults and arm punches on their anarchic journey through the countryside, moving along when they must, with Fred elegantly bullshitting their way out of close calls with property-owning norms. The end, they are convinced, is near – and humans are the cause.

As they push back against their own despair, the real world pushes back against them in the form of a teenage follower and a young woman whose place in the world is as ephemeral as their own. How long can they keep this up? And how the hell are you going to spend your doomsdays?

— Georgia Young


Mach 9

Mach 9
Jamie Heinrich, 20 min.

After losing his job, Kenny moves in with artist Roger Higgins and his son Joshua.

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