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International Premiere!

Producer Marc Walkow in Person!

2013, Japan, 71 min.
Director Maki Mizui
Screenwriter Maki Mizui
Cast Ken Koba, Momoha, Iona, Fuzuki

The directorial debut from Maki Mizui, the writer of Tokyo Gore Policeand former protege of Sion Sono and Yoshihiro Nishimura, Kept is an exploration of innocence broken and evil perpetuated.

Misato is a young woman who works as a waitress and walks to and from work another town away. She doesn’t own a car and cannot afford the daily taxi ride. She is much like so many other women in her position, and because of her financial situation, she is an easy target for abduction. And one spring night that’s exactly what happens. A man pulls her from the sidewalk into the trees, covers her eyes and mouth, and secures her hands and feet with tape.

The intentions of The Man (Ken Koba) are to presumably rape and kill her, but during the drive to a more remote location, she catches him off guard and ends up treating him kindly. Through the course of one night, she refuses to become another victim, but she also decides not to turn him over to the police.

She returns home and begins to realize that while she may have survived the night without severe physical trauma, the mental anguish of allowing a rapist and murderer to remain free begins to take its toll, especially as her captor’s victim list begins to mount. Suddenly alone in the middle of a forest, Misato’s emotional feelings begin to take physical form, causing bloody fissures to open up on her thighs as a human-sized owl begins to lead her toward the realization that forgiveness and retribution are not mutually exclusive.

Mizui’s first feature film arrives at BUFF straight from its premiere at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. Based on actual events in the director’s own life, Kept is dedicated to the unnumbered survivors of sexual assault and abductions every year who go unreported.

— Jesse Hassinger



Alexander Yan, 12 min.

A repressed young woman finds power in an act of deviance.

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