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Crimes Against Humanity

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East Coast Premiere!

Directory Jerzy Rose in Person!

2014, USA, 77 min.
Director Jerzy Rose
Screenwriter Halle Butler & Jerzy Rose
Cast Mike Lopez, Lyra Hill, Ted Tremper

Crimes Against Humanity is a nihilistic romp through gossipy academic parties, boozy stakeouts and surreal bedtime stories from Chicago underground filmmaker Jerzy Rose.

While spying on a cadre of professors in his school’s ethnomusicology department, Assistant-to-the-Dean and all-around dickhead Lewis discovers there’s a conspiratorial cult on the campus prowl. Lewis’s downtrodden girlfriend Brownie proves collateral damage after a series of freak accidents takes her out of action to ponder her life’s on-the-road-to-nowhere trajectory.

Meanwhile, after an ill-fated one night stand with the aforementioned catch Lewis, irritating chatterbox Frenchie takes an unfortunate tumble down a well sans Murakami-esque enlightenment or Jessica McClure fanfare.

Regardless of just how stupid his mission may be, Lewis is the kind of man who cannot accept any narrative but his own. This is not his tale of redemption; only the hapless Brownie is capable of exhibiting discernable empathy and heart. She’s humanity. And he’s the crime.

On the surface, Jerzy Rose’s Crimes Against Humanity is a talky chronicle of the inanity and asshattery of academia. But when it comes down to it, the setting is nothing more than plot device. You know these people. Hell, you may even be one of these people; the amusing allegory extends far beyond the ivy-covered walls.

— Melinda Green


Oi, Meu Amor

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Where Does It Go From Here
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