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Starry Eyes

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East Coast Premiere!

Directors Dennis Wydman & Kevin Kolsch plus Producer Travis Stevens in Person!

2014, USA, 96 min.
Director Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kölsch
Screenwriter Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kölsch
Cast Alex Essoe, Amanda Fuller, Noah Segan

Award-winning filmmakers Widmyer and Kölsch take a no-holds-barred, visceral look at the system of which they are a part in this jaded, pitch-perfect love letter to the monster that is Hollywood.

California dreaming begets a barrage of body-horror nightmares as the desperate & determined Sarah Walker chases the just-out-of-reach Hollywood dream. Millennial malaise and dissatisfaction with working a dead-end job, the young wannabe starlet knows she’s destined for greatness, if only that big break would come her way.

Squandering her youth in gold lamé spandex at a Hooters-style joint, she reluctantly rolls with a crew of free-floating underachievers, each a more-perfect-than-the-next embodiment of the lotus-eating dreamers that speckle the city of angels not altogether unlike a herpes outbreak. When fate calls her in to audition for the (dubious) role of a lifetime, Sarah answers and quickly discovers just how far she’s willing to go in pursuit of stardom, with utterly devastating consequences.

Starry Eyes tells its Faustian tale against the backdrop of a bleak, morally bankrupt vision of Tinseltown, pitting our heroine against the satanic cult that’s served as Hollywood’s gatekeepers since the Golden Age. Here, ambition transcends desire and becomes something altogether vile and alien. Alex Essoe as the anxious and driven Sarah simultaneously channels Jessica Harper and Isabelle Adjani, using her body to transform from beauty to beastly.

A perfect metaphor for the emotional and psychological toll our culture’s obsession with superficial fame and beauty takes on the collective consciousness, this is an ugly age-old tale told in Crowleyan parlance with a visual palette in muted shades of Silver Lake. Sigils, rituals, and sex magick, the occult provides a stunning conduit through which Sarah is reborn to inherit the throne to which she’s always aspired. Not to be missed, Starry Eyes should be required viewing for every enrollee in Acting 101.

— Nicole McControversy



Ian Marcks, 13 min.
Something is wrong with Bob. It might be an ear infection, or maybe he ate too much sushi. He’s haunted day and night by strange frequencies it seems only he can hear.

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