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Blue Ruin

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East Coast Premiere!

2013, USA, 90 min.
Director Jeremy Saulnier
Screenwriter Jeremy Saulnier
Cast Macon Blair, Devin Ratray, Amy Hargreaves, Kevin Kolack

A mysterious outsider’s quiet life is turned upside down when he returns to his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance and winds up in a brutal fight to protect his estranged family.

When writer/director Jeremy Saulnier came onto the scene in 2007 with the horror-comedy art-nerd satire Murder Party, one would never have guessed that his follow-up would be one of the most nerve-shattering, shell-shocking thrillers since the Coen Brothers’ debut Blood Simple. Like Murder PartyBlue Ruin takes the same concept of a loner unwittingly putting himself into harm’s way through pure elements of chance. However, this time around the tone is totally different, dispensing with the standard revenge-movie tropes early on in its running time to focus more on the blowback that is wrought by vengeance.

Macon Blair turns in a stunning performance as Dwight, a drifter who lives hand-to-mouth, taking solace in the rusty blue Pontiac he calls home. One day, a visit from the police turns into a more friendly encounter with the law than Dwight is accustomed. Dwight is informed that the man who murdered his parents twenty years prior is due to be released from prison. With single-minded revenge on his agenda, Dwight wastes no time finding his prey. But in the process, he learns that standing his ground doesn’t necessarily make him safer.

From there on, Dwight is in a constant race to stay one step ahead of his adversaries and protect what is left of his family. Ratcheting up the tension to almost unbearable levels, Sauliner and Blair infuse Dwight with enough empathy and resourcefulness to keep us on his side, but horrified to imagine what he’ll do next. The violence gruesome and the humor swift, Blue Ruin represents a game-changer for the tired genre of the revenge thriller.

— Kevin Monahan



Drew Angle, 7 min.
Cliff waits for his greater purpose to find him. He wastes his days away shooting and drinking. He yearns for the freedom and isolation of a wild animal, but cannot escape the vices that connect him to society.

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