Sunday, March 30

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Emotional Incontinence

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94 min.

We understand that life is hard. Sometimes it’s only the little pleasures that help you avoid ranting like a maniac and licking the dust of random surfaces. Will this collection of shorts prevent you from being that guy on the bus who carries out semi-lucid conversations with himself? We hope so. We’ve curated these clips with you in mind, those only too desperate to hold onto what remains of your sanity. Hopefully these won’t send you over the edge. Relax. You’re in a movie theatre. Violence is never the answer. Get some popcorn. Candy is good too. They sell beer in the lobby, if you think you can handle it. We hope these films make you normal.

Welcome to Dignity Pastures
Brian Lonano, 3 min.

Sad Monster
Kurt Dettbarn, 7 min.

Cameron Macgowan, 3 min.

Killer Kart
James Feeney, 15 min.

Mémorable Moi
Jean-Francois Asselin, 15 min.

Goosey’s Big Movie
Gabriel Laks, 18 min.

Sunshine for Breakfast
Parker Winans, 7 min.

Mr. Lamb
Jean Pesce, 15 min.

Patti Tsarouhis, 2 min.

Foam Drive Renegades
Adam Deviller, 9 min.

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  • Sunday, March 30 at 2:30 PM

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