Sunday, April 6

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Up to the World

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U.S. Premiere!

Director: Alessandro Lunardelli
Runtime: 95 minutes
Italy 2013

Italian and Spanish with English subtitles

Davide and Loris are brothers and live in a very small village in the north of Italy. While Davide is eighteen years old and gay, Loris is almost thirty and doesn’t know anything about his brother’s sexuality. Loris and Davide go to Barcelona to watch the match of “Inter”. In Spain, Davide falls in love with Andy, an Ecology Activist from Chile. Andy invites Davide to go with him to Santiago and the boy follows him. Far from the provincialism of his city, things don’t go as Davide imagined…

Clip (in Italian):

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  • Sunday, April 6 at 2:00 PM

Tickets $12. Brattle passes not accepted for festival screenings.