Friday, April 11

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Best of Cinekink

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Runtime: 80 minutes

Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, works showcased by the festival range from documentary to drama, spicy to explicit – and everything in between!

Humain Chaleur | Director: Christophe Predari
Tom’s Gift | Director: Todd Verow & Charles Lum
Another Happy Anniversary | Director: Miranda Bailey
Dear Jiz | Director: Ms. Naughty
Trains | Director: Paul Deeb
de-railed | Director: Quinn Cassidy and Creamy Coconut
Zucht und Ordnung | Director: Jan Soldat

Just entering its eleventh season, CineKink is an annual film festival and national screening tour that celebrates and explores the wide diversity of sexuality.

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  • Friday, April 11 at 9:30 PM

Tickets $12. Brattle passes not accepted for festival screenings.