Thursday, April 24

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Trap Street

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New England Premiere

Director: Vivian Qu
In Mandarin with English subtitles

A young surveyor has his eye on an attractive researcher, but she suddenly disappears during a seemingly successful appointment. Mysterious events follow one another thick and fast in this tense debut about love, surveillance and paranoia in modern-day China.

A “trap street” is a street that doesn’t exist, placed by cartographers on their maps as a kind of copyright to protect themselves against counterfeiters. Li Quiming, the main character in TRAP STREET, encounters the opposite.

When a young, somewhat naive intern at a company that makes digital maps bumps into an attractive woman one day, he is unable to find her again. The street where he met her and where, according to her business card, she works turns out not to exist.

A thriller with Kafkaesque elements unfolds at a great pace. Director Vivian Qu subtly comments on Chinese state control through the internet, telephones and other technology—a highly current topic given the recent NSA snooping scandals and WikiLeaks revelations. Even gadget-addict Quiming, who alongside his regular job installs security cameras to make ends meet, is forced to examine how relative his freedom actually is.

—International Film Festival Rotterdam