Monday, April 28

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The Sacrament

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New England Premiere

Director: Ti West

Director Ti West (THE INNKEEPERS; V/H/S, IFFBoston 2012) has quickly established himself as one of today’s leading horror filmmakers. In his newest found-footage fright, West leaves behind the supernatural and focuses his lens on the madness that mankind is capable of inflicting. THE SACRAMENT reimagines the 1978 Jonestown Massacre in Guyana as a present-day cult nightmare.

Sam and Jake (A.J. Bowen and Joe Swanberg), a two-man crew of journalists from Vice magazine, accompany their fashion-photographer friend on trip to find his sister Caroline, who has abruptly left the country and traveled to a remote village with her church group. Upon their arrival, armed guards meet the men––a greeting that casts a shadow over the otherwise utopian settlement. Early interviews with the congregation reveal a population that coexists peacefully, away from the rampant poverty and violence of the United States. Guided to their new home by their spiritual leader, known as “Father,” the members of the church feel as though they have truly been born again into a new life. Despite the demonstration of hard-working happiness from these agri-cult-ural Christian farmers, the investigative journalists can’t help but wonder if there’s something more buried just beneath the topsoil.

On the evening the crew conducts an on-camera interview with Father, Sam and Jake begin to feel the sinister truth behind this powerful and charismatic leader. What follows is a series of grisly events that eerily mirror the film’s historical precedent.

–Mark E. Anastasio

Screening Supported by The Boston Underground Film Festival

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