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The Wizard of Gore

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(1970) dir Herschell Gordon Lewis w/Ray Sugar, Judy Cler, Wayne Ratay [95 min; 35mm]
“What is real? How do you know that at this second you aren’t asleep in your beds, dreaming that you are here?” One of the original splatter films, Herschell Gordon Lewis’ THE WIZARD OF GORE is the gruesome story of professional stage magician (and amateur murderer) Montag the Magnificent who appears to leave a trail of horribly mutilated audience members in his wake. But, when a TV reporter and her boyfriend start snooping around, they uncover that the truth may be far more bizarre they suspect.

“What WIZARD OF GORE does differently than most other magic films, especially of its time, is introduce popular technology into its trickery. The titular wizard, Montag, doesn’t only mesmerize his theater audiences but those viewing at home as well, with Lewis perhaps boldly starting a ‘fear of TV’ trend that would fully manifest in later features like NETWORK (1976) and VIDEODROME (1983).”
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