Saturday, May 24

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Chaplin at Mutual

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New Digital Restorations!

(1916-1917) dir Various w/Chaplin [117 min; DCP]
In 1916, as he became one of the first international superstars of film, Chaplin was offered an exorbitant amount – and artistic freedom – to join the Mutual Film Corporation which he gladly accepted. While there, Chaplin produced some of his finest short films. Included in this program of newly restored shorts is the jawdroppingly hilarious ONE A.M. – the only non-Tramp film in this series – as well as EASY STREET, THE IMMIGRANT, BEHIND THE SCREEN and THE VAGABOND.

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Shows in a Double Feature on Saturday with CHAPLIN AT KEYSTONE, and on Monday with MODERN TIMES. Brattle passes accepted.